A-Z Guide

This is a witty, informal guide written to address sexual health and intimacy concerns for female cancer patients.  It was part of a project funded in part by The American Cancer Society Grant #: 117514-PEP-09-200-01-PC titled “Improving Communication about Sexual Health for Adults Living with Ovarian Cancer”

The booklet itself was written by Catherine Graham with contributions by Marianne Matzo, PhD, APRN-CNP, FPCN, FAAN, and Sandi Troup, RN, BSN, as well as numerous courageous cancer warriors who volunteered their time to help make the cancer journey a little better for other women.

A-Z GuideYou are free to print this booklet as a resource for patients, provided no modifications are made.  If you have feedback, questions or comments regarding this booklet, please contact Dr. Marianne Matzo.

There are two versions of the booklet – the first one is designed to view as a web document:   A-Z Guide – Web Viewing Version

The second version is designed to print as a booklet.  On the PDF, the pages appear to be out of order but when the pages are folded in half, will be in order.  To print correctly, select the normal setting (not booklet), landscape, print on both sides, and flip on short edge.  A-Z Guide – Printable Booklet Version